It's time to celebrate one of the world's favorite spirits. That's right, it's National Tequila Day and the EBONY team is sharing our favorite brands with you this year. From Black-owned brands to the hottest on the market right now, here are our picks.

Oh, and let us know how you plan to celebrate National Tequila Day.

Toby Adeyemi - Social Media Copywriter

Gran Coramino Reposado is my favorite tequila right now because it looks like a blanco, has a cool bottle and it's pretty strong. So you don’t need too much to start feeling it.

Gran Coramino

Price: $72

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Savannah Taylor - Assistant Editor

My go-to tequila brand at the moment is Teremana Añejo. It's so smooth, and it's an affordable price point for me. I like to whip up spicy margs with it—mango or watermelon to be specific.


Price: $49

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Delaina Dixon - Culture Editor-at-Large

For National Tequila Day, I'm going with T'Capri Tequila. It's smooth enough to sip on its own, and it's a Black-owned female brand—so it's double delicious!

16596170670110 copy
Sipping Tequila

Price: $55

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Victor Vaughns Jr. - Style Editor

I’m usually a Hennessy drinker, but when I want to switch it up, my go-to drink is a tequila sunrise made with Don Julio Anejo. I always keep a bottle on my bar cart for those nights when work ran long or to pregame before a long night out.

Don Julio

Price: $60

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DeAnna Taylor - Lifestyle Director-at-Large

My college days were as lit as they were thanks to tequila. My current brand that's always on deck is Patron. I literally keep all the expressions on my bar—silver, reposado and añejo. You just never know where the night will take you.


Price: $53

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Rashad Grove - News Contributor

I'm not the biggest tequila guy, but I love LeBron James, so I rock with his Lobos as my choice.

Lobos 1707

Price: $54

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Kweli Wright - Senior Social Media Copywriter

My favorite summer drink is a watermelon margarita featuring Casamigos Tequila. It's a favorite because it combines the rich agave notes of the tequila with the refreshing taste of fresh watermelon. Casamigos is smooth, so it won't crash your palate, and the balance of flavors makes it a perfect for sipping. 

10940880879646 copy

Price: $44

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