Students from all over America marched out of class Wednesday in protest and to demand stricter gun laws and an end to mass shootings in schools, CNN reports.

The National School Walkout kicked off at 10 a.m. and was sparked by last month’s school shooting that left 17 dead. Many blame inadequate gun laws on the incidents.

“This is not a matter of left versus right. This is a matter of public safety,” said Cate Whitman, a junior at New York’s LaGuardia High School. “We’re all working together, which is something we haven’t seen from the adults in a very long time.”

Protesters are demanding that congressional leaders ban assault weapons, pass a gun violence restraining order and mandate universal background checks for those interested in purchasing a gun. The restraining order would allow courts to disarm those who display warning signs of violent behavior, according to CNN.

Students stayed out for 17 minutes, exactly the number of fatalities that took place at the shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month.