National Wellness Month was started to remind us all to schedule a little time for self, more than just once or twice a year. Whether that means spending an extra ten minutes each night journaling and deep breathing, or simply fixing yourself your favorite meal after a long week—you have to remember to always recharge, because none of us can pour from an empty cup.

Although self-care can come in many forms, we've been doing our part to take the guesswork out of some new ideas to add to your bucket list. This go round, we have rounded-up a few of the world's top Black-led and hosted wellness retreats. From yoga classes in the jungle of Tulum to time spent unplugging and tapping into your divine femininity—here are some of our recommendations.

Paradise + Vibe

This October 6-10, the team behind Paradise + Vibe will head to Tulum, Mexico for a retreat centered on Sacred Sexuality. Joined by the international best-selling author of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert as their keynote, the program is stacked with workshops, rituals, mediations, yoga and of course play.

OMNoire Retreats

This global wellness platform for Black women and women of color is dedicated to living well from the inside out. Hosting retreats around the world, throughout the year, you can literally pick the option that's best for you and your schedule. Founded by Christina Rice, attendees have found their zen in places like Bali, Grenada, Ghana, Barbados, Poconos, Arizona, and Portugal.

Tulum, Mexico. Image: Rafael Cisneros Méndez/ Unsplash.

Permission and Refuge

Join internationally recognized yoga and meditation teacher, activist, and the founder of Active Peace Yoga, Reggie Hubbard, and conscious creative, wellness consultant, and the founder of Black Boys OM, Danny Fluker, for a program designed for all men—and those who identify as men—of color. From August 27- September 1, you'll participate in daily meditation, yoga, sound experiences, and more.

La Vida Divine Healing Institute

This Black-owned wellness retreat is located in Maca, a town in the basin of the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Offering 6,8, and 10-day retreats to journey with ancestral medicines of Ayahuasca, San Pedro, you will also experience other healing modalities such as meditation, movement, and a complete program to integrate the experiences of the local community. Dates are ongoing.

Sol Sanctum

More of a wellness hotel, than an actual retreat, this St. Lucia gem is great for those who want to disconnect and balance. Owners and creators Marise and Wendell Skeete have been teaching Art of Living Meditation and Breathwork programs for more than 30 years. Start your day with a full plant-based breakfast before popping into your daily class of choice, then take a short five-minute walk to lay on the beach.