I was introduced to this sultry songbird by a friend a little over a year ago and I immediately fell in love with her voice and her hair. While Andy Allo is the guitarist in Prince’s band, The New Power Generation, her curly tresses seem to have a natural tune of their own. While I’m sure Andy’s hair requires just as much maintenance as the rest of us, it is definitely free flowing.

With the ability to go from sultry to rocker chic to beautifully elegant, she has one of the most versatile Afros I’ve ever seen. Known as the “refreshing songbird with a bright funk soul,” Andy’s hair embodies everything of the 1970s soul child with a modern twist.

Get a glimpse of a few of Andy Allo’s favorite natural styles. Learn more about this naturalista’s personal style and music at alloevolution.com.

-LaParis Hawkins