If you have dreadlocks, then you’ve probably experienced panicking moments after realizing a few locks were starting to thin. Just like with any other hairstyle choice, excessive styling can put a strain on your strands and result in thinning. This issue usually occurs in two places; either towards the root of your lock, which means you should ease up on re-twisting so often or towards the end of your dreadlocks and could result in breakage if not repaired. Here, I share a few ways to fight thinning dreadlocks.

1. Knot Method

Editors Note: This method is suggested for locks thinning towards the end of hair.

Step 1: Make a knot with your dread and tighten it around the thinning section.

Step 2: Palm roll the knot to help smooth it out. Repeat palm roll daily until the surface of the section is smooth.

2. Afro Hair Method

Editors Note: This method is suggested for locks thinning towards the middle of the hair.

Step 1: Purchase kinky textured afro hair. With a small portion, two strand it around the thinning section to strengthen lock.

Step 2: Palm roll section to smooth out two strand surface. Repeat palm roll daily until smooth.

3. Sewing Method

Editors Note: This method can be used for thinning anywhere along the lock. Use preferably for those thinning towards the root, though.

Step 1: Two strand thinning lock with a lock next to it.

Step 2: Choose a thread close to the color of your hair and thread it through a needle and make a knot.

Step 3: Starting at the root, thread the needle through both strands of locks.

Step 4: Thread locks to the end and start making your way back up to the root, sewing the strands together in between stitches you’ve made before.

Step 5: Once at the root, make a knot with the tread avoiding knotting in the same spot as when you started.

Step 6: Cut thread and palm roll threaded lock. Repeat palm roll every day until the surface is smooth.

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