From the cold dry winter into the blazing summer's UV rays, seasonal changes can cause havoc on the hair. For naturalistas with elongated curls or tightly coifed kinks, weather can equal breakage. Trimming the ends of natural hair, along with scalp maintenance, is the foundation for growing healthy tresses despite outside conditions. Here are a few indicators to help you recognize when to let go of those untamed ends:

1.  Lacks Ability to Retain Moisture

If you’re using the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream sealing technique), deep penetrating hair masques, or steaming treatments and  your hair is still losing its moisture too quickly,, you may need a trim. 

2. Unruly and Frizzy Ends

Hair can easily become snagged, pulled and damaged from the daily wear and tear of jackets, head wear and scarves. In cases like this, tucking the ends of your hair into a protective style can help, but ultimately, you will need to see your stylist for a trim.

3. Difficulty Detangling Hair

In addition to dry and frizzy hair, detangling the hair can become more difficult and time consuming when it's time for a trim. Look at this as a sure sign to see your hair specialist.

4. Your Have Limp Hair

Heat styling tools and permanent color can leave hair damaged and ends split and dry when used excessively. Although there are products like deep conditioners and protein fillers to help revive limp hair, once the damage is done the only way to really revive your hair is to get rid of the damaged ends and start anew.

If you are experiencing one or all of the traits above, then it’s best to schedule a consultation and/or appointment with a professional. How often your hair is in need of a trim is dependent upon your hair’s growth pattern, but the end results are always healthier and it makes styling your hair a breeze!