Protective style extensions in kinky textures are getting more and more popular. Now that they are in high demand, a variety of extensions brands are adding kinky curly textures that weren’t previously sold. Kinky curly extensions are proving it’s the new way to go!

There are many different styles of curly hair extensions. The key to great extensions is to find a hair pattern that is similar to your own. When wearing extensions the goal is to provide you with less work, not more. If the hair mimics your own texture, then you don’t have to do much manipulation to your leave out (the amount of your own hair you don’t weave under the extensions).

Check out 6 of the hottest hair extension brands for natural hair girls on the market right now:


1. Heat Free Hair

(Kurls Wefted Hair, $139-$219 per bundle,

Heat Free Hair is popular amongst naturalistas. From wefts, to clip-ins, to closures & wigs, they have it all! They have a great variety of hair patterns too. Whether you have an s-pattern, a tight s-pattern, or a z-pattern, you can find a match for your texture.  Be mindful, this online weave destination only caters to natural hair textures.  They offer three textures: For Koils, For Kurls, and For Kinks.

2. Indique

(Bounce Organic Curl, $189-$235 per bundle,

Indique has been a huge favorite amongst celebrities like Brandy, Rihanna, Ciara, and Jill Scott. These celebrities have all been seen rocking their kinky curly extensions. They offer 3 textures for natural gals: Bounce Organic Curl, Bounce Coil Curl, and Bounce Deep Wave. You can even mix two of the textures for a more natural feel.


(ONYC Mongolian Kinky 3B-3C, $128 per bundle,

ONYC’s Mongolian Kinky 3B-3C has been a huge hit for years on the blogosphere as one of the first brands to embrace the kinky curly texture. They offer four curl patterns for any texture, loose to tight: Bouncy Curly 3A, Curly Addiction 3B,  Kinky 3B-3C Curl, & Kinky 3C-4A.

4. Echelon Hair

(Enhanced Coil Curl, $149-$189 per bundle,

Echelon provides Indian and Brazilian hair for all textures. Supermodel Jessica White rocks one of their curly textures for a nice, natural look that blends perfectly. They offer two textures for women who desire natural hair textures, Enhanced Organic Curl and Enhanced Coil Curl.

5. Haute Kinky Hair,

(Haute Koils, $125-185 per bundle,

A favorite amongst vloggers, Haute Kinky Hair was founded because the CEO of the company always had a tough time finding extensions that matched her texture. She wanted textures that resembled real, natural hair. They offer three textures: Haute Kinks, Haute Curls, and Haute Coils.

6. King Me Hair

(King Me Kinky, $100-$160 per bundle,

King Me Hair has super natural looking extensions and wigs that look like it grew right out of your scalp. They offer wefts, closures, full lace wigs, and bulk hair. Their four textures include King Me Kurly, King Me Kinky, King Me Koily, & King Me Koarse.