Normally when we discuss protective hairstyles, we think of braids, twists and some forms of extensions. But there’s another key piece to the collection a lot of us tend to look over: natural hair wigs.

In essence, wigs are the ultimate protective style requiring no direct maintenance on your actual hair, while serving a dose of beautiful coils. There are a plethora of wigs that offer natural hair inspired styles, and most are accessible right at your local beauty supply store.

Choosing a hair texture similar to your curl pattern is the best way to achieve a natural appeal. We suggest opting for a wig instead of weaves sometimes, because weaves can add tension on your scalp. (Yet we don’t completely discredit them, and assure you that a properly sewn-in weave will help your hair grow.)

But honestly: wigs are just so much fun! In the blink of an eye, you get to experiment with various lengths, cuts and colors that you wouldn’t necessarily test on your own hair. This season, we’re giving you natural gals permission to spice it up with a new wig and change your name for the night (or weekend)! 

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—LaParis Hawkins