Adepero Oduye embodies the true confidence of wearing natural hair. She’s been on my radar after her amazing performance in the recent Steel Magnolias, but her kinky coils are stealing the spotlight. Adepero’s type-4 natural hair (according to the hair type scale) is always fabulous!

Braid-outs, twist ups, and even two strand twists have all been strutted down the red carpet thanks to this stunning diva. She unknowingly encourages all of us to embrace our hair in every situation with our shoulders pushed back and our heads held high. Every time Adepero’s interviewed, photographed, or brilliantly portrays a character in a film, she’s a constant reminder that we are not our hair. (*cues India.Arie song*)

I’m in complete awe of this beautifully brown actress, and once you’ve seen her on the big screen (if you haven’t already), I’m sure you’ll be just as proud. Take a look at a few of Adepero Oduye’s gorgeous hair moments.

—LaParis Hawkins