Jesse Boykins III has the kind of voice that causes listeners to dive into a serious groove. I’m talking a fingers-snapping, head bobbin,’ totally-in-the-moment type groove. And while his music will capture your ears, his beautiful hair is definitely easy on the eyes.

The singer started his hair journey in 2002 at the age of 17, as part of his journey into manhood.

“There are things you do when becoming a man like grow out a beard. It’s satisfied a certain desire to be looked at as a king and I felt my hair represented that for me. It made me feel good and I never stopped cutting it.”

Describing his hair as “wild and free,” Boykins achieves his signature look with a simple regimen. His natural hair stylist uses her own handmade peppermint shampoo and garlic conditioner for nourishment. To add shape and dimension to his ‘fro, he uses Zuresh Shea Butter.

Boykins’ music is as captivating as his look and fans are excitedly anticipating his upcoming LP Love Apparatus and accompanying documentary, where he interviews over 320 women from 6 continents on their views about love.

Take a look at some of our favorite Jesse Boykins natural hair moments and follow him on Twitter: @JesseBoykins3rd