Every year, there seems to be a new protective style that becomes extremely popular with natural hair. Box braids recently took over, becoming the go-to style for naturalistas, and now Marley Twists have made their way front and center. Also known as Havanna Twists, which range from medium to extremely large two-strand twists, this edgy style is becoming quite popular. The legendary Bob Marley’s thick dreadlocks are the inspiration behind the name, and they’ve been spotted on natural hair goddess, Solange Knowles.

The hair used for Marley Twists is actually a natural textured extension called Marley braiding hair, which ranges from $4.99-$8.99 per pack, and can be bought at almost any beauty convenience store. While most women hit the salon for professional styling, Marley twists are doable on your own with the help of some really cool tutorials on YouTube. 

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—LaParis Hawkins