For Indiana Pacers shooting guard, Tyrese Haliburton, playing nearly 82 games in a season can put wear and tear on his body. Averaging 20.8 points and 10.4 assists per game, the Wisconsin native has to always ensure that he is in top shape to produce those types of numbers. And the main way he cares for his body is through proper nutrition and recovery.

The NBA guard shares that for him, adequate sleep each night is a key factor to properly giving your body the recovery it needs. Cold tubs, hot tubs, and massages are also great tools to implement into any training routine for longevity as well.

"The long term effects are beneficial. Ultimately, it's about investing in yourself and taking care of your body," says Haliburton. "The best way to do that is to put the right things in our system and make sure we're getting enough rest as well. Those small contributions will pay off in bigger ways down the road."

Now in the height of his career, Haliburton is also very intentional on what is on his plate. Admitting that he hated vegetables as a child, things have now shifted for the pro athlete. For breakfast, he typically has eggs, a smoothie that he packs with fruits and vegetables, as well a lean source of protein. For lunch, he keeps things simple—chicken and rice. Then after practice in the evenings, he comes home for another protein-packed smoothie or shake.

Haliburton, along with NFL player Deebo Samuels and the WNBA's Michaela Onyenwere, recently partnered with and invested in the sports nutrition company, Cherbundi, a brand the pro basketball player says has always been stocked in his fridge.

"I really reap the benefits of the product. It was something that was introduced to me in my second year in the NBA and I live by it," he shares. "It's a product that just works for me and has my body feeling good."

Made from all-natural tart cherry juice, the sports recovery drink has been scientifically proven to reduce muscle soreness, support immunity, reduce inflammation and provide better sleep. All key factors for any athlete or person on a consistent fitness journey.

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Beyond the product itself, he was drawn to the brand's Fueling Future Champions initiative to better educate young Black and Brown athletes on the importance of proper nutrition—something that isn't always easily accessible in some communities.

"I think it's important that we support youth sports and educate young athletes. The youth that are coming now are being introduced to recovery and nutrition a lot earlier. For us as athletes, we should help progress them forward through education, engaging with them, and innovating new products," says Haliburton.