The Pride Month 2019 celebrations and proclamations continue as couples openly celebrate. NBC4 Washingtion anchor Meagan Fitzgerald announced on the air Sunday that she's engaged to girlfriend Kelly Heath.

Heath shared, “It’s not always easy being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. There’s the coming out process, finding out who you are, being comfortable in your own skin and your own truth,” with the on-air audience during the broadcast. It takes courage to be your true, authentic self — no matter who you are. But to the boys and girls watching, to the men and women who may still be struggling, it’s worth it.”

“I just felt like it was natural. People tune in to watch every morning; they’re our family and we’re theirs,” Fitzgerald said to her NBC audience. “And because it’s Pride month, I didn’t want to just make it about me. I want to help other people know that being different is OK.”

Congratulations to the happy couple, who continued to share their engagement on social media.