The Gentleman returns as a Good Man. After sharing “Another Love Song,” Ne-Yo reveals the title of his forthcoming album: Good Man.

I’m calling it that because that’s what every woman wants and what every man should strive to be,” he shared in an interview with the “The Breakfast Club.” “You’re not born a good man. You gotta go through some stuff, let some things happen, in order to become a good man.”

Though recently married and enjoying the new beginnings of his growing family, his latest project won’t be limited to his life. “All the music on this album isn’t gonna be happy because I didn’t write just completely about myself,” he continued. “I felt like, if I just write it about me, how can it be relatable to anybody else? I’m definitely happy and in a great place, but I know that everybody isn’t.”

The variation won’t stop there as he plans to include different sounds and genres as well. “From my first album to this album, I’ve been the same dude and there ain’t no reason to change now,” he said. “There will definitely be some pop songs on this album, but there will also be some R&B songs on this album. I’m one of the few artists that, my fans have allowed me to jump genres. I can do pop. I can do R&B. I can go over here and do a song with a Spanish artist or country artist, and my fans have allowed it. If they’re allowing me to do it, why not do it?”

Although still putting on the finishing touches, Good Man is tentatively expected in September. “I’m still working right now. I’m not finished yet. There’s a message that I want to get across on the album, but I just need to make sure that the message gets across and it’s not just a compilation of songs.”