On top of taking care of her two babies with new Motown music exec Ne-Yo, Monyetta Shar recently pledged to take care of 48 children from Swaziland. Through the Beyond the Game charity, the Atlanta-based actress will pay around $20,000 in total to take care of the children’s living cost for a year. Including food, clothing, and education, the thousand-dollar price tag rounds out to about $30 a month. It’s been reported that Shaw was approached by VH1’s “Football Wives” star Chanita Foster, who heads the organization to donate.

The non-profit organization came about after a life-changing trip by Foster to Swaziland, according to her website. Beyond the Game’s mission is to “provide youth education parallel with athletics and encourage entrepreneurship with focus on philanthropy to live a well balanced life.” Shar, who co-owns a clothing boutique with her famous boyfriend, has appeared in films “Major Movie Star” and “Soul Men.”

What other non-profits do similar work for kids in Africa? Also, while Shar’s efforts are definitely commendable, is taking care of a child for a just year more harmful than helpful?