Davon Eddington had the police called on him after a neighbor confused his use of a JAY-Z lyric to be a domestic dispute, according to TMZ.

Eddington who lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee said the incident occurred on Nov. 9. He was sitting in his backyard and speaking to his brother on the phone about LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

“We get to talking back and forth and [my brother] was like, ‘You know you love LeBron James too,’” Eddington recalled. “I was like, ‘I love LeBron James, absolutely but I’m not going to become a Lakers fan overnight.’”

His brother then accused him of already being a bandwagon fan of the west coast team because of James. Eddington swiftly replied, “I got 99 problems but a b***h ain’t one,” the refrain from JAY-Z’s, “99 Problems,” the third single off his critically acclaimed The Black Album.

An eavesdropping neighbor misinterpreted the use of the lyrics, and told police Eddington was beating on his fiancée, who he said was upstairs taking a bath.

“I walked around to the front of my house, and that was when I was met with police with guns drawn,” he told the tabloid site. “Another officer came around and said, ‘No, no, no. This is not happening. We kind of heard the conversation, and he’s been on the phone the whole time.”

Eddington said the police quickly apologized for the grave mistake. One officer told the Spring Hill result he had been “swatted.”

According to 911.gov, “swatting is falsely reporting an emergency to public safety by a person for the intent of getting a (“SWAT team) response to a location where no emergency exists.”

Individuals who call often intensify the type of crime they are witnessing to get a more significant response from law enforcement. As a result, the nonexistent emergency causes police to confront unsuspecting victims at gunpoint.

The neighbor told police he overheard “I got 99 problems and this b***h ain’t one.”

Eddington said other things had taken place to lead him to believe his next-door resident doesn’t want him in the neighborhood.