After the ailing anti-apartheid icon underwent treatment for an abdominal ailment, Nelson Mandela has been released from a South African hospital with a clean bill of health. "The doctors have assured us that there is nothing to worry about and that Madiba is in good health," President Jacob Zuma said in a statement earlier, referring to the 93-year-old Mandela by his affectionate clan name. 

Mandela underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy. The procedure involves inserting a camera into the body to allow doctors a look in a patient's abdomen or pelvis. Widely considered the founding father of South Africa's democracy, Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years for fighting racial segregation, last appeared in public in the closing ceremonies of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Despite his rare appearances, Mandela retains his popularity and is considered a hero of democracy.

With people like Mandela growing older, are there any other international leaders ready to follow in his footsteps?