NeNe Leakes recapped her explosive "Bye Wig" party during Sunday's final installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season 11 reunion show.

While Leakes admitted to getting physical with various members of the show's production crew, her co-stars accused her of viciously choking and scratching one cameraman, and sending a producer to the hospital after cracking his tooth.

During the "Bye Wig" dinner party, Leakes flew into a rage after the camera crew and several cast mates taped in her closet without permission.

Reflecting on the party, Leakes said, "The one thing I hated most when I watched it was all the cursing."

When asked if she regretted getting violent with the crew, Leakes said, "It didn't bother me." She added, "It didn't. I said we were not filming in my closet, and no one was to go in my closet. That was a rule said up front."

Denying previous claims of her hitting the cameraman, Leakes admitted she "pulled his T-shirt."

Porsha Williams, who claimed she was touched during the altercation, said, "Well, him, but the other guy got choked up, scratched up, went to the hospital." Leakes rebutted, "Did he go to the hospital? I didn't hear nothing about that."

Williams said, "He absolutely did and absolutely had scratches on his back." She continued, "Choked up and head drug against the wall." Kandi Burruss joined in saying, "His tooth got knocked out." Leakes replied, "I heard his tooth was cracked."

Holding herself accountable for her role in the dispute, Leakes said, "But nonetheless, it didn't give me the right to touch him."

Williams, who was pregnant at the time of the party also accused Leakes of getting physical with her. "I felt a hand on my back, and my belt came off, and I went forward," she said. "So at that point, I was like, 'Okay, you know what? She means it.' And once I walked on out the closet, that's when I saw the man's shirt ripped and then I saw her choking up the producer. And that's exactly what happened."

This isn't the first time the ladies of RHOA have addressed the incident. Last month, Leakes took to Instagram Live, where she denied "touching" Williams.