Season 11 of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta has proven to be a tumultuous one for series veteran NeNe Leakes. She took to Instagram Live on Tuesday to address the ongoing drama with her castmates, including rumors of a physical altercation with her pregnant co-star Porsha Williams.

“I wanted to come on Instagram Live for a few minutes because I have so many people texting me and asking me stuff; people on Twitter asking me questions,” she began.

Throughout her IG Live chat, she commented on unfollowing her castmates on social media and explained what their relationships are like now.

“And after 11 seasons, I finally realized that these girls are my coworkers. Now, as far as the other girls sitting on the couch, they all were trying secure the bag, because half of them are boring. So, they had no other choice but to come for me,” she said.

Leakes also dispelled rumors that she got physical with her pregnant co-star during an explosive scene that aired this month.

The cast attended a "Bye Wig" party in Leakes' home. Things took an awkward turn when several cast members ventured off into her closest.

The comedian, who was dealing with her husband's recent hospitalization, was so enraged by RHOA cast and camera crew members accessing unauthorized areas in her home that she ripped the camera man's shirt in an attempt to remove him from the room.

The episode didn't air the incident in its entirety, but Williams was heard frantically asking to leave and mentioned something happening with the belt she wore.

Discussing her side of the incident, Leakes said, “So now, I want to address the Porsha thing, where Porsha is insinuating, I’ll put it like that, that she was touched in the closet, with four people in the closet, me, Porsha, Cynthia and Marlo, and Kandi."

She continued, "Now, I’d like to know, how is that possible, which I told her at the reunion. I wasn’t even behind you, so, how could I touch your belt? You know, it’s crazy, because what if I said I had a big a** dog in my closet and said not to go in there and he jumped out and attacked everybody. But it’s my fault, right? But I told you don’t go in there.”

She accused the show’s film crew of intentionally going against her wishes by taping in her closet.

“The producers had all the rules from the very beginning. Everybody that entered my house that day had known that Greg had gone back into the hospital," Leakes explained. "Production wasn’t supposed to do that, they had the rules they were never supposed to film in the closet, ever," she said.

This isn't Leakes' first time addressing the controversial episode.

Earlier this month, she appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live where she said, "No, I did not [overreact]. How [are you going to] overreact in your own home," while talking to Andy Cohen.

“You don’t have the right to go through my house, open up my doors, my closet, my pantries, none of that, you would feel [disrespected] … when you come to my house, you are not going to disrespect my home. So, they were not in the right."