The LAPD raid on the Black Panthers was intensely problematic from the start on December 9, 1969. Five days prior, revolutionary activist and leader Fred Hampton was shot to death in his Chicago home by members of the Chicago Police department, and emotions were raw and still fuming.

The Panthers had prepared for a confrontation with the LAPD, but what came of their initial plans was an unknowing highly equipped unit ready to construct a raid. After a four-hour stand off – Panthers vs.the newly formed SWAT UNIT- a shoot-out occurred in which Daryl Gates made a call to the Department of Defense asking for permission to use a grenade launcher.

The request was granted.

Panthers eventually surrendered but not without fallen soldiers. The volatile stand-off resulted in four Panthers and four officers being injured. Six Panthers were arrested and acquitted of the most serious charges brought against them, including conspiracy to murder police officers. The court system ruled their actions as self-defense.

Some of the attack can be seen in the video below.

Netflix is now shedding light on this significant time in history in The Stand Off, a new film that aims to unfold the case of events from two perspectives – The Black Panthers and the SWAT Unit.

Directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious films), The Stand Off is set to tap into the aftermath of emotions still felt today.

A release date for The Stand Off has yet to be announced.