Kym Whitley is the latest celebrity to vocalize her support of Mo’Nique since the Oscar award-winning entertainer called on the public to boycott Netflix.

According to the comedienne, the streaming service was unfairly low-balling her by not offering her what she feels is proper compensation for a comedy special.

Now, during an interview with ESSENCE, Whitley is speaking out about the issue.

“I love the fact that the conversation is there,” she said. “It’s been there, she ain’t been the first. The conversation’s there.”

Whitley continued on the say that while she supports Mo’Nique, she doesn’t 100% agree with how she is going about achieving her goal.

“I just feel like her tactics are wrong. I believe she can go about it a different way, but sometimes you gotta make a lot of noise to get people to notice. My fear is that her tactics might hurt us or hurt the fight.”