The Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Minister Louis Farrakhan wonders if outside forces are behind Netflix’s decision to not stream a documentary about him.

According to news reports, Netflix was scheduled to stream the documentary titled My Life’s Journey Through Music, which focuses on Farrakhan’s musical career. The NOI released a statement about the decision on their website in which they question if media pressure was placed on the company causing a reversal in the decision. Variety reported Netflix claimed there was an error in communication and did not have plans to air the documentary. They have not released any more statements or made any new comments at present time about the issue.

The Final Call is the official publication for the NOI. Some people commented on The Final Call’s Facebook page about Netflix’s decision. Their comments ranged from anger to acceptance that the film wouldn’t be streamed on Netflix. Farrakhan remains a controversial figure. In the past, he has made comments that have put him at the center of many controversies. Farrakhan has been and continues to be denounced by many in the media.

The New York Times reported Farrakhan promoted the documentary on Twitter before what he claimed was the start date on Aug. 1. The tweets could not be found on the leader’s Twitter account. Many organizations hailed Netflix’s decision to not air the documentary. Representatives from the Simon Wiesenthal Center and other Jewish organizations reportedly reached out to Netflix or made comments to the media about the decision. The future plans for the documentary are unknown.