Virginia residents will head to the polls on Nov. 7 and once coalition is seeking to motivate its Black voters.

BlackPAC has put $1 million behind getting Black voters to the polls, the largest independent effort of its kind in the state of Virginia.

“The stakes are high,” a video released by the group states. “Our access to quality education, good-paying jobs, and healthcare. Our right to a criminal justice system that protects us and respects us. Even our right to vote is under attack.”

“Tuesday’s election gives Black Virginians a chance to repudiate the politics of racism, defend their right to vote and ensure good schools and good jobs in their communities,” said Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of BlackPAC in a statement. “From our conversations at their doorsteps and online, we know Black voters understand the stakes and are poised to play a decisive role Nov. 7.”

According to a press release, BlackPAC has a mission of galvanizing the political power of Black voters. It is described as an entity focused on “building a base of knowledge on the issues, values, and messages that most effectively motivate Black people to vote. For more on BlackPAC, visit

Watch the video below.