The details surrounding the newly revamped season of "America's Next Top Model" have finally been revealed. While viewers were saddened to hear about the departures of the original co-judges Jay Alexander, Miss Jay, and Nigel Barker, buzz has been building as to who would be replacing them. Well fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone will remain on board with Tyra, and joining the two will be male model Rob Evans, who will serve on the panel as the permanent third judge. No one can twirl the runway like Miss Jay, but Evans' is so hot that ANTM fans will surely be more than okay with the new addition. As for Alexander's replacement, Tyra has turned the photo shoot reigns over to celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek, whose client list includes Katy Perry and Shakira.

As for the blogging element that was allegedly being added to the new season, nothing has been officially announced. However, Banks has added a social media element to the show, where viewers can now contribute their own votes and comments online and contribute to the weekly, final selections.

The viewers' scores will then be considered into eliminations up until the final round. This new addition should definitely incite viewers to tune in more consistently to the series, seeing as how they'll now be the unofficial fourth judge on the panel.