A prominent Chicago pastor has penned a book that claims to get readers to happiness in just 12 steps.

With his new book, Rev. Derrick B Wells of Christ Universal Temple hopes to inspire people to take up the task of being happy.

Guidelines for a Master: 12 Steps to an Extremely Happy Life is the first of Rev. Dr. Wells’ series focusing on extreme happiness through practical spirituality. In his book, Wells navigates several life lessons and offers 12 well-defined steps designed to uplift and encourage those that may not feel like true happiness is attainable.

A press release sent to EBONY describes the book as one that pushes its readers to live better and follow modern lessons of “metaphysical Christianity.”

“The theories that we discuss in Guidelines are many of the principles that were passed along to me as a struggling youth by my mentor, the legendary Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon, who founded Christ Universal Temple more than 60 years ago,” says Wells. “My goal is to inspire as many people as possible to live beyond their present, whatever the present may be, and encourage them to recognize that extreme happiness and success are choices that are achievable by following a few simple rules – and never giving up.”

Wells’ 12 steps to extreme happiness are outlined below.

  1. Recognize That Happiness Is Already in You
  2. Experience Less Fear and Greater Happiness
  3. Forgive and Make Space for More Happiness
  4. Elevate: Three Keys to Activating Your Happiness
  5. Eat Happy Foods
  6. Harness The Happiness with Exercise
  7. Be Less Busy and Be More Happy
  8. Deny & Affirm Your Way to Happiness
  9. Think Happy Thoughts: Change Your Thinking, Change Your
  10. Fill the World with Happiness: The Law of Giving & Receiving
  11. Open up the Happy Flow through Meditation
  12. Be Happy: It’s Contagious!

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