It’s the end of an era. After a seventh and final season, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) will hang up her white coat for good and Scandal will come to an end.

With Olivia in the White House alongside President Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) in charge of the Gladiators at Olivia Pope and Associates (OPA), we should brace ourselves for what’s coming next.

“At the start of season 7, we pick right up where we left off in season 6, but you know time is always elastic in Shondaland, so by the end of that first episode, we’re well into Mellie’s presidency, “ Young told Entertainment Weekly. “We really get a chance to watch her grow into being president — a dream she’s had for so long, but dreams are never quite what you expected when they come true. We also get to watch Olivia come into her own source of power in the White House.”

After years of turmoil and rivalry with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) standing between them, Olivia and Mellie seem to have formed a tenuous friendship. However, in Shonda Rhimes’ world we can’t expect something like that to last.

“They’ve been through so much, and are the stronger for it. She knows that together they are a formidable team. These are smart women with very similar perspectives and a solid history in D.C. I think it will surprise them both as they come to find out the areas where they are not aligned, ” Young said. “And of course, should the truth ever come out about how Olivia’s path has veered … well, I have to think that that would spell WAR between them. And we all know that would not be pretty. But for now, Mellie respects Liv: She knows what an asset and an ally she is. She’s excited that they are finally getting this time — and knows that together? They can change the world.”

Buckle up, ABC Entertainment Chief Channing Dungey told the press that the final season of Scandal is “nothing short of spectacular.”

Darby Stanchfield who stars as Abby Whelan on the show will direct the series finale.

Scandal will premiere for the last time, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.