The Katherine Jackson vs. AEG trial entered its second month in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom on Tuesday.

Among the day's court proceedings was the first appearance of AEG Live Co-CEO and former Jackson tour manager Paul Gongaware, who is being sued along with AEG and AEG Live's CEO and President Randy Phillips. Gongaware testified during a tense courtroom examination by Jackson attorney Brian Panish. Janet Jackson, who showed at court for the first time since the trial began, was seated next to her mother Katherine.

The ongoing trial is over a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson and Michael's children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, against concert promoter AEG. The suit claims AEG was responsible for negligently hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, currently serving four years for involuntary manslaughter over Jackson's death on June 25, 2009 from a fatal dose of Propofol. AEG contends that they never hired the doctor, claiming he was employed by Jackson himself.

Here's a look at the 5 latest developments in the Michael Jackson Estate vs. AEG trial:

1. Emphasizing AEG's "honesty" and "transparency," Gongaware denied to Panish that he had ever tried to deceive Michael Jackson. However an email that Gongaware wrote and sent to AEG executives in 2008, which was displayed on screens in the courtroom, said, "Net to Mikey 132 million..It's a big number but this is not a number MJ will want to hear. He thinks he's so much bigger than that. If we use show income it's over a quarter of a billion dollars. His net share works out to be 50 percent after local venue and ad costs which is quite good. His gross is half a billion. Maybe gross is a better number to throw around if we need to use numbers with Mikey listening."