The highly anticipated miniseries, The New Edition Story, made its debut last night and man, was it a family occasion for the history books. The biggest production in BET history did not fail to disappoint its fans. But it also left us with some questions, inspired by Black Twitter. Take a look.

Who will make an unexpected cameo?

Our friends Leon and Jenifer Lewis have played some classic roles in many of our favorite movies. We can’t help thinking that just maybe…one or both may surprise us in Part 2 or Part 3.

Why is there so much pressure on Black kids to be anything other than kids?

Even with such pressure on them, as kids, New Edition still managed to have some fun – it’s obvious now that we can’t overlook the statue part. Thanks Ricky!

Are the days of shady managers in Black music history finally behind us?

Matthew Cherry brings up an excellent observation. We’ve seen the crooked deals dealt by crooked managers far too many times with music groups (NWA and TLC, anyone?). Hopefully this is in the past.

Can BET just make all of the Black musical biopics from here on out?

As we learned during last year’s BET Awards, the network is serious about paying proper tribute to our legends when mainstream media fails at it (*clears throat* Madonna). We won’t throw any shade at the other networks but there’s a certain biopic about a certain R&B starlet that we still can’t bear to watch.

So there we have it, part 1 of the New Edition is done. Share your favorite moments with us in the comments or on Twitter!

Melissa Kimble is the Senior Social Media Manager for the EBONY brand. An advocate for Black Creatives via #blkcreatives, you can connect with her on Twitter at @Melissa_Kimble.