A New Jersey principal found a great way to combat bullying at his school.

Akbar Cook, principal of West Side High School in Newark, created a laundry room at the school for students who were being made fun of for wearing dirty clothes, per ABC News.

Cook said that he noticed that many of his students were skipping school to avoid being criticized for their hygiene.

The principal discovered that one of his students was homeless after she didn’t want to get her bag checked. She reportedly was ashamed of carrying dirty clothes to the school.

Cook turned the football team’s locker room into the laundry room.

Once news broke that Cook was helping his students, the local community donated laundry detergent and dryer sheets to the school, so students didn’t have to pay for it themselves.

Students will be able to use the school’s laundry services three days a week starting Aug. 27.

“When school starts on September the 4th, my kids will be able to use it daily after school,” Cook told ABC.