Navigating the world of dating is tricky all in itself, but dating interracially adds a whole different element to the game. In "Swirling," authors Christelyn Karazin and Janice Littlejohn create a handbook to navigate the "potentially disastrous terrain" of interracial relationships. 

 “The lamentable truth is that at least two million of us are in jeopardy of never experiencing that kind of love, especially within our own race. The shortage of black men is real – and black women are fighting like alley cats for the half a handful of eligible and marriageable brothers,” writes Karazin. From issues of perception, societal pressures and common myths, the book goes into it all. Littlejohn says, "Who we find attractive has a lot to do with whom we are exposed to, and if you haven’t been around people of other races and cultures, either in school or in your communities, it’s a little harder to know what it is you find appealing about someone who doesn’t look like you.”

"Swirling" will hit bookstores on May 15th, but we're left to wonder if this book will ultimately prove harmful or helpful for Black women navigating the dating terrain.