January 1 comes and everyone collective screams, “New Year, New Me!”

The truth of the matter is that by May, your gym membership has just about lapsed, you no longer “have time” to meal-prep and that plan to save $50 a week never came to fruition.

While we all have a sense of renewed energy that comes with a new year, resolutions only work if you truly want them to. There’s no sense in making a list of improvements because everybody and their mama is. You don’t need to follow trends, but you do need a game plan.

Here are three reasons to put your New Year’s resolutions into practice before that ball drops. It’s November 1, so two months is more than enough time to get a head start.

1) You have more time to think about the changes you want to make.

It takes time to make changes …time and the decision to do so. Starting before January 1 allows you to get into a rhythm and develop a habit regarding your lifestyle adjustments. When things feel forced–like many New Year’s resolutions do–you’re less inclined to commit to them for the long term. Carefully consider how and what you would like to change regarding your life and invest time to do so. By Jan. 1, you should be able to say that you’ve gone through the trials and challenges of such life changes. Now you can effectively implement them and be able to succeed.

2) An early start means more investment.

When you start your resolutions on any old day of the week, you automatically become more invested in the changes that you wish to see. It’s easy to say you’re going to do something when it is expected, but when you make up your mind completely on your own, it becomes more real.

3) You can motivate others.

One thing we cannot take away from the “New Year, New Me” philosophy is that it does come with a sense of unity. Having an accountability partner can be very beneficial in your quest for change, and the added support goes both ways.