A White Jewish New York doctor has apologized for making comments online in support of white nationalism, ABC 7 NY reports.

Dr. Dov Bechhofer was removed from his job as a resident radiologist at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx section of New York City after a now-deleted article posted on the website Medium showed that he posted pro-White supremacist comments.

The commenter, who posted under the internet handle “Dov,” referred to himself as an “ethnic nationalist,” per ABC 7. He also expressed opposition to interracial marriage, wanted non-Whites removed from the U.S. and wanted “’tempered’ anti-Semitism.”

Bechhofer apologized and confirmed with The Associated Press on Thursday that he made the comments.

“I am ashamed of the hurtful, unjustifiable words that I posted online that showed callous disregard toward certain minority groups and am deeply sorry for these transgressions,” he said. “The posts do not reflect how I was raised or how I actually treat others. I will continue to struggle to understand what brought me to write them.”

According to The Forward, Bechhofer became an active commenter on White-supremacist websites in the fall of 2016. He told The AP that he had a “scared curiosity about what was being said on these forums about Jews.”

“But after spending some time in this toxic corner of the Internet, I eventually became numb to the ugliness of that hateful echo chamber and began participating in the dialogue,” he wrote to The AP.

Some of the comments that were linked to the New York doctor criticized Colin Kaepernick and Muslims.

“Do I despise Blacks like [Colin] Kaepernick for milking the White cow despite the fact that he, his race, and all others are already in such objective debt to Whites? Absolutely,” he wrote according to Newsweek.

“The West has no use for [Muslims], and they’ll be just fine when they go home,” he also said.

Montefiore Medical Center is investigating the issue while Bechhofer was placed off-duty, according to ABC 7.

“As soon as we learned of the Medium.com article, the employee was placed off duty pending the results of a thorough investigation,” a spokeswoman for Montefiore told Newsweek in a statement. “The views expressed in the article are in no way reflective of Montefiore, our mission, how we conduct ourselves, or the care we deliver each day.”