Brent Dickinson of Saratoga Springs, New York is accused of threatening to kill President Barack Obama and elementary schoolchildren in Saratoga County. The 33-year-old man “intended to murder” the targets of his terroristic messages. The county district attorney’s office said the U.S. Secret Service intercepted two messages posted by Dickinson on a White House message board last Friday.

The upstate New York man was arraigned in Saratoga Springs City Court on charges of making terroristic threats. He was taken to city jail after bail was set at $50,000. As of writing this, it wasn’t immediately known whether he had an attorney present with him at his arraignment.

The temperature is rising as we get closer and closer to what might be the most contentious presidential election in American history. Was Minister Louis Farrakhan right? Will threats like these become more and more commonplace in the coming months?