Rappers Sha Ek, Ron Suno, and 22Gz have all been banned from the 2022 Rolling Loud New York Festival by the New York Police Department (NYPD) for public safety concerns, reports Rolling Stone. The artists's removal follow the police department’s decision to ban five rappers (including 22Gz) from Rolling Loud New York in 2019.

Suno’s manager Diamond “Bo” Brown said that Rolling Loud organizers texted her on Thursday to inform her that Suno was excluded from the festival.

 “I was informed by Rolling Loud that the NYPD is pulling us off the show with no explanation,” Brown said via text. “How does a person who [has] no criminal record and no gang activities be denied to perform in his hometown after all his hard work. It’s crazy because he never even made a diss record.” 

Brown also noted that the festival organizers promised that Suno would still be compensated for the booking “and will hopefully be able to perform at later events.”

Last year, Suno got into a physical altercation with Kay Flock backstage at Rolling Loud but has expressed regret for his role in the incident.

“I didn’t plan to fight at Rolling Loud,” he said in an interview adding, “we makin’ money. We gotta feed our family. It’s all about the bigger picture.”

NYPD Assistant Chief Martin Morales released a statement addressing the removal of the rappers from the festival.

“The above listed performers have been associated with recent acts of violence citywide,” read his statement. “The New York City Police Department believes if these individuals are allowed to perform, there will be a higher risk of violence.”

Despite the NYPD’s reasoning behind excluding the rappers, neither of them has ever had any reported violent incidents at their concerts.