A newlywed couple is paying tribute to their love …well #Blacklove in an epic and original way.

Howard University sweethearts Andrea and Theo Talley-Hollingsworth recently tied the knot after six years of togetherness.

Like many of us, they have a few love songs that are “their songs,” but while we may just slow dance to our favorite jams, these two decided to use a few classic black love song moments to tell their own love story.

“I actually had the idea about year ago, and we wanted to put it out as an engagement announcement video, but we got super busy,” Theo shared with ESSENCE. “Then when we got closer to the wedding and Andrea suggested we take a dance class so we could do a choreographed dance number…I can’t dance that well, so I brought up the video idea again since I had already finished the storyboard and selected all of the songs. It worked out great. We had a lot of fun shooting it.”

The couple showed the adorably creative video during their first dance as man and wife at their wedding.

“The best moment was the reaction from our wedding guests,” Theo added. “They we’re shouting and singing along. Neither one of us were expecting that!”

But enough about how amazing this video is. See for yourself below.