The wave of White people calling police on Black people for no reason continues, as one woman known only as #NewportNancy felt the need to call police on a Black woman for smoking in a parking structure.

Like #PermitPatty and #BBQBecky before her, the unidentified White woman was recorded threatening to call the police on a Black person, this time after seeing a woman smoking in the shared parking garage of their apartment building. Stacy Etheridge, the mother of the smoker, captured the moment between “Nancy” and her daughter.

“Caucasian woman tells my daughter to put her cigarette out and decides to call the police on my daughter for smoking outside in a parking deck,” wrote Etheridge. “Police showed up and said it was no harm to others… this calling the cops on Blacks is getting way out of hand. Now you can’t smoke outside. #NewportNancy.”

In addition to calling the police, “Nancy” threatened to have the woman evicted for “smoking on the property.”

“Are you racist? Because I think you are. You just came out here harassing me for no reason,” Etheridge’s daughter said.

The White woman then closed her car door and appeared to make a phone call. Etheridge claims police arrived soon after, concluding that there was no issue to be resolved.

Many are still looking to identify “Nancy,” posting screenshots in hopes of tracking her down.