Gail Christian, a pioneering news correspondent who paved the way for Black women in the field, has passed away. Christian made a name for herself for her on-air work while at NBC News and PBS. She had gained national attention in 1974 for her coverage of the trial of the Symbionese Liberation Army and their kidnapping of Patty Hearst of the publishing empire.

Christian's partner Lucy DeBardelaben, shared to the New York Times that her cause of death were complications from a recent surgery.

After serving time for armed robbery in her youth, Gail Christian went on to curate an illustrious career for herself during a time where visibility for Black news anchors was little to none. In a 1986 interview, Christian said, "I always wanted to be ‘the Black reporter,’ as in covering Black stories. I felt that was the reason I was there. I didn’t resent it in the least. I felt then, as I feel now, it is very dangerous for a group of people to live in a society where they are not allowed to interpret themselves."