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California, Fires, EBONY

California Fires Displace 224K People, Over 600 Still Unaccounted

by Christina Similien   Nov 16, 2018

When I think about California, I picture palm trees and a roaring ocean glistening under blue skies. Since last Thursday, however, all I can... Read More

Chicago Pastor, drag queen

Chicago Pastor Is Not Sorry for Kicking Man in Drag Out of Church

by Christina Santi   Nov 16, 2018

Pastor Antonio Rocquemore of Chicago’s Power House International Ministries is standing his ground in choosing to kick out a man dressed in drag on... Read More

Stacey Abrams, EBONY, Stuttershock

Stacey Abrams Says She Can’t Win Georgia Governor’s Race

by Teddy Grant   Nov 16, 2018

Update: 11/16/18-5:25 p.m Democrat Stacey Abrams admitted on Friday that she can’t win the Georgia gubernatorial race, ending her hopes to become the first... Read More

Minneapolis, Black Americans

New Report Lists the Worst Cities for Black Americans

by Teddy Grant   Nov 16, 2018

The unemployment rate among Black Americans is below 6 percent for the first time in the country’s history, but racial income inequality remains a... Read More

Trump, Prison reform bill

Donald Trump Backs Bipartisan Prison Reform Bill

by Teddy Grant   Nov 15, 2018

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he is supporting a bipartisan prison reform bill that would change sentencing laws in the country, HuffPost... Read More

Black hair

White Mom Gets Stranger’s Help with Her Black Daughter’s Hair

by Christina Santi   Nov 15, 2018

Monica Hunter, an African-American mother of three, lent a helping hand and taught Stephanie Hollifield, a White adoptive mother and stranger, how to style Black... Read More

Louis Klemp, Kansas, Master Race

Kansas Official Tells Black Woman Tooth Gaps Represent ‘Master Race’

by Teddy Grant   Nov 15, 2018

A Kansas government official is calling for one of his colleagues to resign after he made comments about a “master race” to a Black... Read More

Classroom, muslim girl

Muslim Girl Gets Death Threat, Note That Says, ‘You’re a Terrorist’

by Teddy Grant   Nov 15, 2018

A 10-year-old Muslim schoolgirl found two alarming handwritten notes in her cubby at a Boston-area grammar school, and police are looking into the incident... Read More

Black student, professor, texas

Professor Suspended for Calling Cops on Black Student With Feet up in Class

by Teddy Grant   Nov 14, 2018

A professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio was suspended after she called campus police on a Black female student who had... Read More

Brennan Walker, Zeigler, Michigan teen

Man Who Shot at Black Teen Who Knocked on Door Sentenced to Prison

by Teddy Grant   Nov 14, 2018

A White Michigan man who fired a shotgun at a Black teenager who knocked on his door earlier this year was sentenced to prison... Read More