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Wisconsin High School, NAzi Salute

Wisconsin High School Investigating Alleged Nazi Salute Prom Photo

by Christina Santi   Nov 13, 2018

A photo of about 60 male high school students from Baraboo, Wisconsin is being investigated by police and school officials because of a  a... Read More

Charlotte, North Carolina, 2020 , republican national convention

2020 Republican National Convention Committed to Using Black Businesses

by Teddy Grant   Nov 13, 2018

The 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) may be a boom for some small businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, because conservatives are committed to hiring... Read More

Stacey Abrams, Brian Kemp, Georgia

Judge: Georgia Must Protect Provisional Ballots in Abrams-Kemp Race

by Teddy Grant   Nov 13, 2018

A federal judge has told Georgia officials to take the necessary steps to ensure provisional ballots aren’t wrongly rejected before election results are certified... Read More

Andrew Gillum, Trump, Florida, Gillum

Andrew Gillum Tells Trump He Sounds ‘Nervous’ About Florida Recount

by Teddy Grant   Nov 13, 2018

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum called out President Donald Trump on Twitter on Monday after the president falsely claimed there was voter fraud in the... Read More

Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts

Meet the Diverse Group of History-Making Women Entering Congress

by Christina Similien   Nov 12, 2018

The midterm elections this year were nothing short of historic. Across the country, women filled up more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives... Read More

Jemel Roberson

Black Security Guard Killed by Cop After Stopping Gunman at Bar

by Teddy Grant   Nov 12, 2018

A Black security guard in Illinois was killed by a police officer following a call about a shooting, BuzzFeed News reports. Jemel Roberson, 26,... Read More

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Defends Black Female Reporters After Trump Attack

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Defends Black Female Reporters After Trump Attack

by Teddy Grant   Nov 12, 2018

Journalist Brooke Baldwin defended Black female reporters after they were targeted by President Donald Trump last week, per HuffPost. The CNN anchor came to... Read More

Sigma Gamma Rho

5 Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. Members in Politics

by Teddy Grant   Nov 12, 2018

The Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was founded on November 12, 1922, with the mission to improve the lives of women in the U.S.... Read More

Senator, Mississippi

Senator Jokes About ‘Public Hanging’; Her Black Opponent Not Amused

by Teddy Grant   Nov 12, 2018

A Mississippi senator running for election against a Black man joked in a video about attending a “public hanging” by one of her supporters,... Read More

hoodie, mall

Black Teen Arrested for Wearing Hoodie at Mall

by Christina Santi   Nov 08, 2018

Kevin McKenzie, a former journalist, accused police of racial profiling after being picked up while defending a Black teen who was arrested for allegedly... Read More