waco biker gang shootout texas

Why the Biker Gang Massacre is Receiving Soft News Coverage

The Grio's David Love writes that the media coverage would be much different if these were Black gangs

waco biker gang shootout texas

Authorities at the scene of a massive shootout between two rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas


If the Texas biker gangs were Black, the media would be on this thing like white on rice. Yet even though they were armed, because they were White, they were treated as human beings, with dignity.

As ThinkProgress reported, many of the gang members appear to be not only White but a number are White supremacists with Nazi SS tattoos and patches. Just for reference, under Hitler, the SS, or Schutzstaffel, served as the Nazis’ elite paramilitary force and one of the most powerful units of the Third Reich. The SS ran the Nazi police state, the concentration camps and the death squads that went around Europe exterminating people on sight.

Although it was a mass murder scene with armed gangs who were firing on police, these murder suspects and presumed participants in the bloodbath appear to be hanging out, chilling and holding tight, just getting some fresh air. And the cops didn’t seem to be all too concerned.

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