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Alleged Lottery Winner Criticized

Alleged Mega Million winner Mirlande Wilson responded to the press with her lawyer Edward Smith Jr. in a Wednesday afternoon news conference. The Haitian immigrant and Maryland-residing mother of seven alleges that she has one of the three winning tickets, but does not plan on splitting the $105 million with her 15 McDonald’s co-workers who say they all went in on tickets. Wilson claims she purchased the winning ticket separately and therefore owes them nothing.

Although Wilson’s lawyer has not seen or asked to see the alleged ticket, he chastised the media for their unfair treatment of his client. "One can be placed in a precarious situation,” he said. “Or someone else can place you in a precarious situation. We're suggesting that she never bargained for this.” Preparing in the event of people challenging a legitimate claim, Wilson may need to keep her lips sealed as her story has changed repeatedly in the last week. 

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