Report: More Americans Are Dying From Drugs, Alcohol & Suicide

Researchers of a new report have concluded that more Americans are dying as a result of drugs, alcohol and suicide than ever, NBC reports.

The report is from the Trust for American’s Health and the Well Being Trust. It found that more than 142,000 Americans died from drug, alcohol overdoses or suicides in 2016 than the previous year (11 percent increase)

The researchers also noted a spike in such deaths in communities of color.

These 142,000 ‘despair deaths’ in 2016 add to the more than one million Americans who died from drugs, alcohol or suicide in the previous decade,” the report reads.

“We had been seeing increases in these trends among these individuals who are dying from drugs, alcohol and suicide,” Ben Miller, a clinical psychologist at the Well Being Trust, said. “But between 2015 and 2016 the racial differences popped out. We saw literally a 39 percent increase in deaths of people of color due to drug overdose.”

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