This Black Dad Holds the Guinness World Record for Tallest Hair

Benny Harlem
Benny Harlem/Twitter

Benny Harlem is blessed. Not only does he look like the offspring of Morris Chestnut, but the 27-year-old also touts around 20.5 inches of hair on his head. Concern for his neck aside, that’s an impressive mane.

Harlem, who is a model and teacher at Harlem University, according to his Instagram profile, became a Guinness World Records holder for Tallest Hair Top Fade on Sept. 6. Although we’ve just become aware of the New York native, he was already headed to viral stardom prior to his newfound title.

On Tuesday, Harlem posted a picture of himself with his Guinness award on Instagram.

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In 2016, Paper Magazine profiled the husband and father, who is currently based in Los Angeles. The article credited Harlem’s unique and organic look with helping to “redefine Black masculinity.”

Harlem told the outlet, “It’s a new day and age to express ourselves in our looks, the way we need to or want to, the way that our souls are telling us to.”




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