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Black Cop Repeatedly Called The N-Word by Handcuffed Suspect (VIDEO)

One Black NYPD officer recently managed to keep her cool while a handcuffed suspect called her the n-word over 50 times in one minute.

In footage that was originally shared to Facebook, the unidentified officer is seen standing her ground as suspect, Ilya Freyman, repeatedly yells the n-word in her direction while outside of a Brooklyn gas station.

One cop attempted to defend his partner, with the suspect then screaming “f*ck you!” at him. He then returned to harassing the female officer.

The Daily News reports Freyman, 51, was arrested after he punched the booth attendant at the station, breaking the glass. See the disturbing footage below.

When asked about the incident, an NYPD spokeswoman said Police Commissioner James O’Neill’s recent Daily News op-ed breaks the situation down perfectly, saying, “As cops, we have to have a thick skin.”

“NYPD officers know how to do their jobs with expertise and commitment to the public good,” O’Neill said in the op-ed. “Let no one confuse smart, effective policing that trusts and empowers our cops with some silly, false notion of ‘standing down.’ That does an enormous disservice to all New Yorkers.”


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