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Black Couple Handcuffed at Waffle House Following Dispute Over Orange Juice (VIDEO)

The Waffle House is, once again, at the center of controversy after a Black couple was arrested following a dispute over an orange juice charge that got out of hand.

The couple, Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart, placed an order for pick-up at the Florida restaurant, arriving before their meal was ready. While waiting, the couple ordered a glass of orange juice, listed on the menu as costing $1.00. When the bill arrived, they were charged $2.50, and refused to pay the additional $1.50, according to the video.

While the couple tried to call a corporate 1-800 number to dispute the charge, employees called the police, claiming the male patron was “being irate screaming and cussing,” according to TheState.

The employee later told police that the juice would’ve been $1.00 if they purchased another beverage, but they only had water, so the discount did not apply. He also told police he wanted to press charges if the pair didn’t pony up the remaining $1.50.

Body cam footage shows the couple speaking with police for almost 30 minutes. After some verbal exchanges between officers and the couple, a Waffle House employee can be heard saying, “They need to pay for their food.”

As exchanges continued, one officer pulls out a stun gun and tells Copeland, “If you don’t pay your bill you’re going to jail.” He then proceeded to handcuff both Copeland and Hart, with Hart sobbing, “I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Check out the video below.

The couple was released after agreeing to pay the bill and never return to that Waffle House again.

“The subjects were later provided the opportunity to pay for their order, which they accepted. Therefore, (they) were released without criminal charges,” read the police report.

While Hart paid the bill, the video shows the second officer telling Copeland “I’m doing you a favor by not taking you to jail right now.”

The incident follows a Waffle House shooting in Tennessee and a Black man being choked by a police officer outside of a North Carolina Waffle House after taking his sister to prom.


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