Black Professor Saida Grundy Criticized for Tweets on White Masculinity

Right Wing Twitter is loudly outraging itself today over the tweets of Dr. Saida Grundy, a new African American Studies professor at Boston University who dared to imply that White people were responsible for slavery and called “White college age males” a “problem population.”

A right-leaning college blog called SoCawlege, run by a guy named Nick Pappas, seems to have been the first place to get angry about Grundy’s tweets, pointing out ones where she said things like, “White people, slavery is a *YALL* thing,” and calling her “a big problem” for BU. Pappas also declared she was unfit to teach White men: “If you are going to work at Boston University you have to teach college aged White males eventually no? You probably already have/are working with them. To us, this seems like you are unqualified to grade their work as you clearly demonstrate some kind of special bias against them.”

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