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BLM Activist Ja’Mal Green Running for Mayor of Chicago

ja'mal green

A recognizable face in the fight for change in Chicago is 22-year-old Ja’Mal Green. To personally make sure that required reform takes place Green has announced he is running for mayor of Chicago against Rahm Emanuel, according to the Sun-Times. The millennial has actively voiced open criticism for Mayor Emanuel. Under his administration, Chicago has closed many public schools and has supported gentrification that adversely affects the Black community.

“Millennials all over the world are stepping up and taking charge,” Green told the Sun-Times. “In the environment, we’re in today, Chicago needs change, corruption needs to end, we need a modern approach to politics in Chicago.”

According to the paper, documents were filed on April 6 with the Illinois State Board of Elections for the Green For Chicago political committee. In order to be placed on the ballot Green’s nominating petition has to obtain 12,500 supporting signatures. His campaign will follow the grassroots model of Bernie Sanders and Green’s team can start collecting names as of Aug. 28.

Green will be running on the platform that wants to spend more on mental health centers, police reform, decriminalizing marijuana and establishing a board to run Chicago Public Schools.


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