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Byron Allen Scores a ‘Win’ in AT&T Discrimination Suit

Entertainment entrepreneur Byron Allen has reason to rejoice.

Following the resolution of a racial discrimination lawsuit  against AT&T,  the CEO of Entertainment Studios came out on top securing distribution deals for seven cable channels across U-Verse and DirecTv, reports Variety.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, in December of 2014 stated that Entertainment Studio was unable to secure a carriage deal with DirecTV after years of negotiations. A racial claim was attached to the suit, with Allen confronting AT&T for their lack of distribution agreements with “100 % Black-owned media companies.”

Now that the issue has concluded, Allen’s distribution deal with AT&T will enhance its viewing reach.  Combined, DirecTV and AT&T platforms have nearly 26 millions subscribers.

This is a big victory, especially as minorities continue the fight for content that represents a broader and more diverse experience – in front and behind the camera.

With Bryon Allen  taking a “W” for this claim, it may give a greater chance for round two as he is currently in a pending racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast and Time Warner Cable. 

Read more about the cases here.

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