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Chicago Holds First Ever Jail-Wide Voting for Inmates


Chicago is making sure jailed inmates voices are heard.

In a major move, Cook County Jail allowed incarcerated individuals the ability to vote in Illinois upcoming election, according to ABC 7.

The program is the first “jail wide, in-person voting process” at the jail and was organized by volunteers from Chicago Votes, which helped register inmates to give them the right to vote.

Inmates who serve longer felony sentences in prison are not allowed to vote, according to Illinois state law.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who supports the initiative to allow those jailed to vote, urged people to go to the polls.

“There is no excuse not to vote in this important election,” said Jackson in a statement. “If you want change, use the power of your vote to make it a reality.”

Illinois state-wide primary elections are on March 20.


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