Chicago Hospital Ordered to Move Patients

Community group says closing the hospital would put nearly 50,000 people at risk.

Gang members are among those flocking to save a South Side Chicago hospital that claims it could be forced to close for lack of funds.

Rev. Phillip Cusic, an employee at Roseland Community Hospital, said he met with nearly 20 members of the Black Disciples Monday. The group reached out to Cusic saying they want to help save the hospital because they deserve a chance to be saved.

"They said that the hospital is too important to the community and they want to be a part of the movement," Cusic said. 

Members of the Black Disciples vowed to join peace protests and publicly make their voices heard.

Cusic said he can't give an exact number of how many alleged gang members the hospital sees but said it serves "quite a few."

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"They deserve a right to live," Cusic said.

Roseland Community Hospital received notice this week that it must begin moving patients within three days because of its increasing debt, officials said. The hospital reported a $2 million deficit at the end of the 2011 fiscal year.


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